Effectively navigating the ever-changing planning laws is one thing; effectively navigating the personalities involved in the planning process is another thing altogether. Our planning law team has the skills, experience and personal relationships to help you do both. That’s why so many of Australia’s leading developers and construction businesses trust us to guide them through the planning process.

We understand the business of property acquisition and the requirements of its stakeholders. We value our relationships with the various players in the planning space including councils, certifiers and various state bodies. We focus on identifying the key road blocks (bad planning pun) and take a commercial approach to ensuring your timely project delivery.

Our planning and environmental team advise on all aspects of planning law as part of the acquisition of a site and realising its development potential. This includes managing issues such as heritage, stormwater, design, engineering, acoustic, view impact, traffic and parking, existing use, ecological and environmental issues, impacts on native vegetation, negotiating development contributions and the use of voluntary planning agreements.

We can advise you on:

  • Project and planning approvals
  • Environmental planning instruments and impact assessment
  • Natural resource management, including water licensing, allocation and transfer rights
  • Pollution, waste and contamination control and investigations
  • Environmental compliance and impact assessment
  • Planning and development agreements, advice and appeals
  • Environmental and planning litigation and dispute resolution
  • Environmental compliance, audits and due diligence